Beer for dinner

Hey, everyone. It’s been 22 months since I’ve written here. Whoa. Nothing like a pandemic to bring out the bloggers. To my two readers: hello! It’s me! If you have been following along on social media, where I tend to overshare to an embarrassing degree, the past year has been, well, um, not ideal for […]

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Misfit mom

I’m sitting on my screened-in back porch this morning, listening to the many birds of Sherwood Oaks, drinking my coffee, and thinking about my existence. About how I’ve always felt different from other girls and women of my age, about how I don’t quite fit in with them. Does everyone feel this way? I’ve always […]

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Hey, 2017: I’m still standing

Have you ever grocery shopped on New Year’s Eve day? It’s a scream. Kroger was crowded with frantic shoppers loading up on chips, booze and other edibles to celebrate this super-hyped holiday. I think I may have been wearing sweat pants while I was there. Not in the mood. I’m never in the mood to grocery […]

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back on the wagon

Yesterday I worked out at our local YMCA for the first time in about two months. And I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting since September 10. I am trying to get my health back on track after a very stressful fall with various child health emergencies. This workout selfie was taken after completing […]

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Awareness is good, or something

It’s November, and that means it is now Epilepsy Awareness Month. Most of you know that my younger daughter, Annabella, has epilepsy and was diagnosed at 15 months old. This video was taken about a year later, when we still didn’t really know how the heck we were going to live with this disease. And […]

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