When platelets go low, we go high

Today was the second blood draw in as many weeks for my Bella. Her routine complete blood count (CBC), which she has every six months to make sure the Depakote isn’t destroying her liver or body in general, showed a low platelet count two weeks ago. Her neuro asked us to get it rechecked two weeks later, which we did today.

And the results were not so great. Her platelets are still low, so we need to lower her dose of Depakote. That means she might have breakthrough seizures because this current dose just might be the sweet spot that we need.

The doctor was concerned by this new development, but I could tell she held it together for my benefit. (She knows I can be a little emotional about epilepsy.)

So, blah blah blah. My kid has epilepsy and she might start having seizures and kids are being killed in Aleppo and Trump is going to be president soon.

Lollipops have mood-altering properties.

Epilepsy is truly a motherfucker. I hate it. But how I love my girl who has lived with this stupid fucking disease for 10 years. So, what do I do? I get her some candy in the gift shop after the needle stick, and we hang out on the couch afterwards.

Life is so unfair, and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Happy holidays! xoxoxoxoxo



3 thoughts on “When platelets go low, we go high

  1. This is so poweful!! Thanks so much for sharing. Your sweet child is fortunate to have you in her corner. Life is not fair that’s why we need people by our side to help us through it all!!!!❤

  2. Ceci, you are amazing and our Bella is one tough cookie. We support her in all ways as we do you. Hopefully, the breakthrough seizures will not occur! But if they do, you will deal with it with your amazing grace that you show in such situations.

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