Ten minutes

Hiya. What’s up? I have ten minutes until I need to put Bella to bed. So, let’s bang out a blog post. Oh, stream of consciousness, I love you. I’m staring at my left hand, on which I’ve written “Frontline” because I needed to remember to buy some more for Poppy at the vet’s today. […]

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London, with the honey badgers

I didn’t travel outside the United States until I was 21. In college, I spent one spring break visiting my good friend, Claire, who was living in Strasbourg, France, as part of an exchange program. That was a whirlwind week of staying in dicey little hotels around the area (Switzerland, Germany, Paris!), and fending off […]

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Domesticity in 2015

You know when you’re walking in from a day at work, juggling your computer bag, purse, empty mug of coffee from morning, the mail — and the first thing you see is the litterbox. The one that the cat had diarrhea half in and half out of? And you keep on walking in because you […]

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Enjoy the silence

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.
Erma Bombeck

Last night I had a little beer party in my living room. I quite enjoy sitting around drinking beer in my own home. The ladies who came over are witty, funny, and dare I say charming. (Mary! Nola! Bethany!) Those four hours or so really flew by, and then when they left all I had to do was recycle the beer bottles and I could go to bed.

My little girls are up in Lake Geneva with my mom and dad, and so we’ve been DINKS all week (dual income, no kids, don’t you know). The house is pretty quiet. It just kinda sits there, waiting for someone to wipe peanut butter fingers all over it and maybe spill some milk.


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