high. school.

(Back at my stream-of-consciousness blogging. I really should think these things out.)

I went with Val to her freshman orientation at Bloomington High School South tonight. I walked in with high hopes, and left deflated and hobbling.

I think Val will be fine. She’s pretty nervous about how big the school is and if she’ll get lost—all the normal stuff. But she’s smart and funny and beautiful and creative and all that stuff moms say about their kids but really is true with MY kid.


Val at eighth-grade graduation.

I, however, did not fit in. Why do all the other parents seem so bland? Why did we have to sing the national anthem and do the Pledge of Allegiance? Why are sports still so revered? Why were all the administrators white men? And in the introductory video, why did they pick three white BOYS to be the ones to lead viewers around the school?

Where were the goth kids? The freaks? The black kids, the Asian kids, the Latino kids? The hippies? The nervous kids? The gay kids? It just seems like another institution run by alpha (white) males. And I don’t know how to fix that. Or why I feel so affronted by it. I mean, we’re in southern Indiana, a predominantly white place. With a whole heckuva lot of good ol’ boys.

It’s 2016. I keep thinking that this kind of stuff will change, but it doesn’t. Hence my deflated feeling. The hobbling? I’ve got a blister on my pinkie toe.


3 thoughts on “high. school.

  1. Why are you so surprised? Your Governor is Mike Pence, the epitome of what’s wrong with the country – a country that Trump is trying to make even more divided against anything that is different. Good people shall prevail when all is said and done. Val will do fine. Mudgie’s advice to her was be yourself and don’t take any s__t!

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