Ten minutes

Hiya. What’s up? I have ten minutes until I need to put Bella to bed. So, let’s bang out a blog post. Oh, stream of consciousness, I love you. I’m staring at my left hand, on which I’ve written “Frontline” because I needed to remember to buy some more for Poppy at the vet’s today. We took Poppy to the vet because of her diarrhea explosion from Tuesday, the second one in a month.

Only $263 later and we know that she does NOT have a parasite or a protozoa. I do so love my vet (thanks, Shari Hughes!) so it was good to see her and chat her up on the three cats and their latest bad bathroom habits. Let’s see, two load of crap on the carpet and a gallon of cat piss right NEXT to the litter box. My week has been way too fecally focused.

Uh oh. Now I only have six minutes left.

I’ve given up on cleaning my house during the week — so every Saturday I wake up with a huge list of things TO DO that I have a hard time crawling out of bed to face them. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, decluttering — you all know what I’m talking about. That’s kind of a bummer. I’m working through it.

After the vet visit, Val and I went to Noodles for dinner and she got me hooked on the Trivia Crack app. I’m always stunned by how many things I just don’t know. Does everyone feel that way?

Time’s almost up, so I will leave with a picture from the week:

The honey badgers in their natural habitat

2 thoughts on “Ten minutes

  1. You need a maid to come in and clean on the weekends – at least every two weeks!! Even if it’s superficial cleaning, it would help your state of mind on the weekends.

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