London, with the honey badgers

I didn’t travel outside the United States until I was 21. In college, I spent one spring break visiting my good friend, Claire, who was living in Strasbourg, France, as part of an exchange program. That was a whirlwind week of staying in dicey little hotels around the area (Switzerland, Germany, Paris!), and fending off advances by strange and loserly men. (Claire is very friendly with everyone — and men often interpret this as a come on. I spent a lot of the trip rolling my eyes at Claire and these weirdo guys who I was forced to talk to. The two Kurdish guys were particularly pathetic.)

Anyway, that European trip was eye-opening, horizon-broadening — all the things they say travel will be. And I’m really excited to tell you that we’ll be taking OUR girls out of the country this March — we’re going to London with my parents! Nana and Mudgie, our vacation benefactors, have generously invited us to join them in London for our spring break. HOT DIGGITY DOG! I have not been out of the country since 2001, before 9/11. My passport died years ago, along with Anthony’s, but we renewed them and got passports for our honey badgers too.

I am so very excited to go to England with my girls. They are pretty good domestic travelers — having been to Disney World twice, New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Washington, DC, etc. But what’s really cool about this trip is that Anthony and I are total history dorks, and we cannot WAIT to show them London and all its historic sites and ancient places, and maybe even take a day trip to Paris via the Chunnel. We’ll definitely go to Bath too to see the Roman ruins — Val’s special request. We plan to do lots of touristy things like the Tower of London, Hampton Court, British Museum, theatre (Lion King! Yes!), and Westminster Abbey. Are there some really cool kid-friendly things we should be sure to hit? If you have any suggestions, be sure to let me know.

The honey badgers are all ears. And teeth.


3 thoughts on “London, with the honey badgers

  1. The London Eye is neat for seeing a unique view of the city.

    Also, you might consider pairing Bath with Stonehenge and doing a bus tour that combines both of them. Stonehenge was truly awesome.

  2. I just know you all will have a wonderful trip; seeing things through the eyes of your children is amazing; sounds so trite but is so true. Just remember to steer clear of anyone peddling watermelon rinds 😉

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