Domesticity in 2015

You know when you’re walking in from a day at work, juggling your computer bag, purse, empty mug of coffee from morning, the mail — and the first thing you see is the litterbox. The one that the cat had diarrhea half in and half out of? And you keep on walking in because you have to put your stuff down so you can start on Job #2, the one where you make dinner, make sure homework is done, supervise baths and break up intense hand-to-hand sister fighting?

That was my Tuesday last week. I am lucky, though, because I have healthy kids and a husband who does probably more around the house than I do. And I have a house in this bitter 1 degree weather.

I know I’m lucky, but I still don’t always feel grateful or #blessed or whatever I’m supposed to feel as a working mother in the United States of America.

I often feel pissed off, or burnt out, or depressed or just plain tired. But then! Then, I read about the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and I can add outraged to my sad list of feelings. But still I plug along in my little life here. And I’m blogging about it because writing is something I’ve always loved but all I seem to write about lately is high performance computing and IT achievements and emails to Brownie troop leaders. Oh, and text messages to my husband where we write sexy things like “Hey, I thought you were going to deposit that check” and “How were the honey badgers this morning?” and “Love you!”

I didn’t blog at all in 2014! But I think I might be back for 2015. We’ll see.

One thought on “Domesticity in 2015

  1. I, for one, hope you do decide to blog.

    You get paid to write about HPC and IT achievements, but perhaps you need to write about what you love. Or just whatever strikes your fancy. Just remember that while your focus may be on that litterbox or who was going to deposit a check, that’s not a bad thing…there are a couple of kids and a husband that are probably really happy about your focus being on the mundane bits of life…even if they don’t always tell you that. πŸ™‚

    But back to writing…maybe the passion you have for writing will find its way back to you and maybe that passion will reinvigorate everything.

    Stranger things have happened. πŸ™‚

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