40 reasons I’m glad I’m here

It’s been a while, huh? I’m burnt out on Facebook posting, so I’ve decided to go on a little detox and renew my blogging. (Both of you out there will be excited to hear that.)

In the year or so since I’ve blogged, I’ve changed. So much! I’m in a new decade — my forties. I remember my grandmother, Nana, saying that her forties were her favorite decade. I hope I can reflect back and say the same.

I’m writing this on my lunch hour, so it’s completely stream of consciousness blogging, again. (I really, really should put some thought into these posts.)

In honor of me being 40, here are 40 reasons it’s great to be alive today:

  1. I am healthy enough to sit in a chair and write while eating Ruffles sour cream and cheddar cheese potato chips.
  2. I am not in solitary confinement.
  3. I’ve discovered Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
  4. I am married to a guy who doesn’t *really* care if I fart in bed.
  5. This same guy got a new job in town and he bikes to work because he’s in shape and cute.
  6. My kids are pretty healthy.
  7. Bella’s seizures are well controlled with medication.
  8. Valerie is smart and funny and witty and has a conscience.
  9. Bella is smart and huggable and also has a conscience.
  10. I love my dog. (Poppy the Poppypuss.)
  11. My cats are pretty lovable. (But I’m watching you, Lyle.)
  12. I have a good job that I really like.
  13. I like my boss.
  14. My boss has a child, and understands working-mom pressures.
  15. I like my coworkers too.
  16. I have enough money to pay my bills and then some.
  17. My country is pretty stable, even if our government is currently shut down.
  18. Ryan Gosling.
  19. My mattress is wonderfully soft and my sheets are cozy.
  20. I have all my limbs.
  21. I can run 3 miles without dying.
  22. I love my neighborhood.
  23. My parents are still around and doing well.
  24. I’m going to Disney World in November 2014.
  25. I’m done having babies, but I still love to hold babies (and will even change diapers).
  26. I have a house that keeps me safe and comfortable.
  27. My nails look good today.
  28. I have all my teeth.
  29. I really like the book I’m reading (Game of Thrones).
  30. Outlander the TV series is coming to Starz next year.
  31. Oreos.
  32. I know how to operate a web content management system.
  33. Valerie is able to pretty much take care of herself in the morning. She even brushes her own hair now!
  34. Bella still loves to snuggle with me and suck her thumb.
  35. It’s October — and I love fall.
  36. I have slippers coming in the mail any day now.
  37. I made an apple crumble recently and it was awesome.
  38. I’m not a drug addict.
  39. Family movie night this Friday.
  40. This is what I look like. And I’m fine with it.


One thought on “40 reasons I’m glad I’m here

  1. Well said! Especially #40. I look forward to turning 40 next summer and with it shedding more of my negative body image- which is really just a big waste of brain space. Oh, and please make more of #37 😉

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