What You Got?

Today I:

  • got mauled by Bella at the doctor’s office. She really, really didn’t want the doc examining her. Now I’ve got three angry welts on my face to prove it.
  • got called by the nurse’s office at Val’s school, while in the waiting room at the doc’s office for Bella’s appointment. Val felt “hot,” (no temp though) and felt “dizzy.” I told her to “buck up” or I would have to “smack her.” (Not really. I was a little more empathetic. A smidge. She tends to be a little bit of a hypochondriac.)
  • got word that my office is buying me and the other writers and editors iPad 2s.

The day started pretty craptastically but ended fantastically. At least it’s looking that way. Oh, and Poppy passed her obedience class.

And here is a video. Happy birthday, Dad.

Watch on Posterous



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