Poppy Dop

We’re almost three months into our new lives as dog parents, and it’s going really well. Poppy is beloved by everyone here, except for maybe Lyle and Daisy. Sometimes Val and Bella gaze at Poppy and sigh and say, “I just love Poppy.” We talk about our favorite thing about Poppy. Val loves her black muzzle, Bella loves her “bootiful brown eyes.” Anthony loves her paws.

I love the fact that she doesn’t bite my babies’ heads. We had a Lab mix about 10 years ago named Jackson. Great dog–he adored me. He never cared much for Valerie after she was born, and I always careful never to leave the two of them alone together. When she was 10 months old, though, she used his back to help push herself up, and he snapped at her head, leaving two puncture wounds in her beautiful baby skull. For a second, I thought he’d killed her. Bad moment. He moved out that day, and we had a new home for him within two weeks. He lived out the rest of his life with a childless couple with several cats.

That experience made this dog lover very wary of ever having a dog again. Time heals all puncture wounds–and I’m so glad we adopted Poppy from the animal shelter. (For the record, my favorite Poppy part is her snout.)

Kids and dogs and kids and cats….happiness.

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