Busy Bee

Are you busy? Busy! Busy! Busy! I’m so busy! How about you?

Oh. My. God. If I have to hear another mom complain about how BUSY she is, I will puke. For real. It’s a pet peeve of mine, really. I know you’re busy. I’m busy. But I don’t feel the need to tell everyone I meet about how action-packed my day is or about how tired I am or about the rigors of my schedule. I have two kids, two cats, one dog, a husband, and a house. Oh, and a job (part time but still it can be demanding) and I sometimes like to workout and read books and practice my crocheting … you get the idea.

I may be busy, but I’ll never be too busy to keep in touch with friends I really care about or my family. Or too busy to check the latest Ryan Gosling news. I mean, really, you gotta have priorities.


A couple of the reasons I’m so BUSY! Busy! Busy! Busy! (puke)

5 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Did you crochet that hat? It’s super cute!I think it’s a habit to complain about how busy we are. I also think some people do it to try to “one up” everyone else. Sort of like, “You think you’re busy? Wait until you hear all I have to deal with.” What’s with the competition? We’re all busy. We all wish we had more time to do things for ourselves. As a side note, the other day I cried to Patrick, “I have nothing that’s my own.” It was pathetic. I need a hobby.

  2. Did I crochet that hat?? Ha. That’s a good one. It’s from Target. The competition is what gets me about all this busy-ness. Since when did it become a badge of honor to be so busy? I wish I wasn’t so busy! I wish I had 10 minutes to myself to just …. be.

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