Ready for My Close-Up

My daughter, Valerie, is in a phase right now where she likes to get right in my face and point out all my physical flaws. My gray hairs, my wrinkles, my pimples, my stray chin hairs. (Yes, I get those. Scary!) It’s very humbling to be critiqued so closely. But I’m using it as a teachable moment to explain how rude it is to do that to someone, to explain that Mommy doesn’t really like having gray hair, but that’s just a natural part of aging. (And when Mommy can’t take it anymore, she goes to see Dan at Pendlebury and gets rid of them all.)

Blah, blah, blah. I’m not that happy about aging or my appearance lately. So what better way to cure that feeling than to post a photo of yourself first thing in the morning without any makeup, right?


6 thoughts on “Ready for My Close-Up

  1. First thing this morning Griffin pointed out the pimple on my chin. He just kept pointing at it. Thanks, Griffin. By the way, you still look like high school Ceci to me 🙂

  2. Ceci, you are beautiful and I well remember when you were in that phase of critiquing. . You are making the most of a teachable moment that Val will remember. Just be aware no one is ever happy about the aging process. Just keep your perspective and you know I just decided to go with the gray but that’s a choice made individually.

  3. I was on my other tumblelog the other day and somebody posted an inspirational quote saying “Don’t worry about getting older… some people don’t get the chance” and it really struck a chord (I will be 40 in June this year!). Still I echo what others say you look fine and as far as chin hairs go, well tweezers are a good friend 🙂 not that I have any *cough cough* well I don’t now!

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