Report Card Day

What a fabulous day! I’m about to brag, and since my mom is my only reader (Hi, Nana!), I’m sure it’s okay.

Val got her report card today: 3 B+’s and 3 A’s. Hot dog! She’s showing much better effort at school, and is making lots of friends. She may say she “hates” school, but deep down I know she likes it.

On the Bella front, here’s what her teachers had to say about her:

“Bella loves dressing up. She is almost always in costume. She is very social and always has a friend with her. She is empathetic and caring. She is fun to be around and the other children flock to her as a leader. She is full of joy and spends lots of time giggling.”

I’m so proud of my girls!


2 thoughts on “Report Card Day

  1. Wow – what great news about both girls. We are so proud of Val’s efforts and Bella’s ebullience and winning ways! great picture, Mom and Dad too

  2. Way to go Val and Bella! You definitely deserve to brag. I’m fascinated that Val get’s “regular” grades – out here they don’t do that until junior high (that seems a bit late to me). -Tracy

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