Sleeping Sisters

My girls like to sleep together. Cuddled up, snuggled up, right next to each other. It’s so heartbreakingly cute. (And tonight they even smell good because they got baths, so I snuggled with them too.)

But then things go horribly awry. “Mom, Bella won’t let me put my arm down!” “Mom, Sissy took my pillow.” Then one or the other of them goes storming out of the bed, crying and yelling for me. (It’s always for me, never for their father, when the shit hits the fan. Why is that?)

But tonight they really wanted to snuggle, they worked through their “issues,” and all they needed was a change of venue. (They moved to Bella’s bed.) I will file these moments away to remind them how much they loved each other when the teen years come. I’ve heard tell they can be brutal.

Here are some new developments around here:

1) We’re all really into Taylor Swift. And you know that album “Fearless” is not half bad. She’s got a positive message for young girls, and the cougar in me loves the hot young things who play her boyfriends in the videos. Have you seen “Love Story”? Val wants to be her for Halloween. Where can I get a Taylor Swift wig?

2) Tonight, Bella learned that everyone in the world does not have epilepsy like her. I was giving her the medicine, and I said, “OK, time for your pills.” And she was annoyed, so I asked her if she knew why she needs to take them. So she said, “Because I have epilepsy–and everyone takes pills because they have epilepsy too.” Oh. No. I told her that no, not everyone has epilepsy, just special, wonderful people–and I gave her a kiss on her sweet little chubby cheek. It’s the truth.


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