Unfriend or Foe?

The word “unfriend” reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale and its use of weird words like “Unbaby” and “Ofglen” and “Offred.” I think we all the know the word from Facebook. When you take someone off your “friend” list, they say you’ve “unfriended” them. I’ve been unfriended and I’ve done the chopping.

But what I’m talking about now is a little different. Are you really my friend if we don’t ever interact or chat or e-mail or do dinner or anything except on Facebook? Are we friends if you only know what’s going on in my life from my Facebook status updates? I have too many “friends” like that. It’s sad, really. They are more like unfriends–cyberfriends really, who aren’t people I would call in an emergency or if something really great happened.

I want more real friends. I have a few really great ones–one of whom lives too far away (I’m looking at you, Jennifer McInnis!). My husband thinks it’s hard to make really good friends the older we get, that you form these really intense friendships during your childhood and teen years, and that adults just don’t bond like that. Maybe he’s right. All I know is that I had dozens of friends on Facebook, but I was still kinda lonely.

I’m morose sometimes. And if I can’t be that way on my own blog, where can I be, right? At least I’m not crying about epilepsy!

3 thoughts on “Unfriend or Foe?

  1. I like your writing style Word Jones. You are a facile and good writer and so adept at expressing your thoughts – I will miss you on Facebook and now I may quit too.

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