10-Minute Update

I’m a free woman this weekend. Anthony is taking the girls up to Middlebury by himself, which means I’ll have our house all to myself for two whole days. This has never happened in the history of me being a mom. I’m excited, nervous, worried that Bella’s hair will look bad all weekend. (Poor Anthony, he can’t tie a hair bow to save his life.)

I’ll be working all weekend, which is why I had to cancel the trip for myself. But I’m also have girlfriends over to watch movies and drink wine. I’ll sleep in. I’ll clean the house and won’t have to watch it get dirty again in 8 minutes. When I put things away, they’ll stay there. I can have cereal for dinner.

I’ll miss them, but we do need some time apart once in a while. That mother/daughter bond can get a little intense.


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