Domestic Bliss

I’m in the middle of a scene of domestic bliss. My awesome, fabulous, enlightened husband, Anthony, is making chicken noodle soup from the book Family Feasts for $75 a Week, my daughters are playing house, the cats are being normal, and I’m updating my blog. I like this microblogging stuff. I don’t have feel the pressure of coming up with relevant, well-written blog posts–I can just do a stream-of-consciousness thing and it’s OK. Granted, I don’t have any readers, no one’s commented, and I can’t make a living off of blogging, but I like the daily regimen of trying to update the blog.

This was a good weekend. Uncle Greg and Aunt Leigh visited, and that was really great. The girls love them, and we all have a good time together. We cooked a great feast last night and drank beer. All was good. Anthony’s brother, Greg, is about to start his first faculty job after completing his Ph.D. He’ll be an assistant professor at Portland State University in Oregon. We are all excited to visit them out there.

Today I just had book club. We discussed “The Help,” which is an excellent, fast read. The characters were the most engrossing I’ve encountered since the Outlander series, and that’s saying a lot for me.

More stream-of-consciousness. . .the girls are playing some game where their voices keep getting higher pitched and they seem like they’re on the verge of hitting each other, and then everything cools down. I hear “Sissy!” from Bella now and then, yelled in an indignant way. I love my family!


One thought on “Domestic Bliss

  1. Yes, isn’t domestic bliss great? The chicken noodle soup turned out great (if I do say so). Thanks, Ramen noodles!

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