Happy New Fiscal Year

It’s July 1. Here’s what’s happening in my life.

  •   I am going to run another 5K. With my friend Amy and with Anthony. Although I think they might both beat me.
  •  I am planning to contribute an article to epilepsyUSA, the magazine we get from the Epilepsy Foundation. I will write this article.
  • Val is having a great time at Stages musical theatre camp. Her performance is tomorrow night, and she has no stage fright. Very cool. I am proud of her. She’s starting to want to read instead of only reading because we force her to. Thank you, Garfield books.
  • Bella is throwing monster tantrums pretty regularly, but can also be very sweet and loving. I like cuddling with her. She has discovered iCarly, and is addicted.
  • Anthony is working, working, working and doing a bunch of stuff around the house. He needs to get out more and have fun.
  •  Lyle and Daisy are now put in the laundry room overnight. This is actually really awesome because otherwise they get up and jump on our faces at 2:32 a.m. begging for food. 
  •  We’ve discovered Simon’s Cat, and our lives will never be the same.

What’s up with you?

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