103.7 Degrees

I swear Bella is going to break my thermometer. And I should have bought stock in Motrin and Tylenol. She’s got her latest unexplained fever. Every month this year, so far, Bella has gotten a fever about mid-month with no other symptoms. Sometimes it’s very low-grade and lasts for four days. This month, it’s coming with runny nose and a monster of a fever.

Last night, at 3:32 a.m. to be exact, I heard her get up to go to the bathroom. When I checked her fever, it was 103.7. Anthony was up with her at midnight, checking the fever and it was normal. What the eff?? So, I made her gulp Motrin and I sat in her bed, rubbing her face with a cool wash cloth. I think she might have been hallucinating too because she kept talking about the “people” who live in her ceiling fan.

These fevers are making me insane. For my two readers out there (hi! thanks for reading!), you might recall that fever increases Bella’s chances of having a seizure. She had her last grand mal seizure during Swine Flu Suck Fest of 2009 when her fever hit 104.

So, 103.7 is a wee bit close to 104 for my liking. It’s making me quite agitated. It drains me. I think the universe, God, the cosmos, SOMEBODY is trying to make me crazy. Or at least toughen me up to the dangers of epilepsy. I have to get used to this disorder. I can’t fall apart every time she has a seizure or a fever.

I’m in Epilepsy Boot Camp, and 103.7 is my life.

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