Twenty-ten? Two-thousand and ten? I don’t really care how you say it (though if pressed I prefer “twenty-ten”), I just can’t believe it’s 2010.

Today is the first snow day of the school year. Bella’s day care is open though (yay!) and I was all set to prove myself the dedicated worker and go in! Get work done! Despite the snow! Despite having two little kids! (Val is having a playdate at her friend’s house on the next block.)

But then I kissed Bella’s little forehead. It felt warm. I took her temp. It was 101. Ugh. Suck. Took her to the doctor (actually the nurse practitioner) who said her ears were fine and the strep test came back negative. So it’s a mysterious virus. She’s climbing on me right now. “Mom, I want ‘Tom and Jerry’!” she’s whining.

OK, Bella, let’s pick a picture. She picked this one. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


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