My Holiday Letter to You

It’s 10:06 and I’m sitting down to write in my blog. My blog. I found out my dad doesn’t read it, which means he is fair game now. I can write anything I want about him. Like, how my mom’s nickname for him is LD, which stands for “Larry David,” and if you’ve seen “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” you’ll maybe recognize some similarities. In a good way, though, Dad, really! We love you and your curmudgeonly ways down here in B-town. Here’s how the photo turns out when you tell everyone to just say “blog”!!


In other news, I am seeing a nice therapist to deal with my epilepsy-induced anxiety and hatred of the world. It’s going pretty well. I like him. We’re very different: he’s about 60, has just one grown son, has been married along time….but I like him. He’s very easy to talk to and seems to understand my problems. Whenever I’m in a session, though, I feel a bit reluctant to talk because it seems to self-indulgent to sit there and whine about my problems–and to pay someone to listen. I’m trying to conquer this. Any tips?

Here’s what it looks like when a certain four-year-old is so deathly afraid of Santa Claus that she won’t even go NEAR the fireplace to leave him cookies on Christmas Eve.


We now own two American Girl dolls. Valerie is thrilled, overjoyed, and wild with glee over hers: Kirsten, a Swedish immigrant to American circa 1854. (Although Kirsten was lost for a good 10 minutes tonight and Val didn’t seem that bothered by it.) Bella got a Bitty Baby she named Mary, after Mary Ingalls from the “Little House on the Prairie” books. Those books and the TV show are kind of a big deal around here.

We took the girls to high tea at the American Girl store in Chicago. Very cool! I can’t say it was the most excellent experience for these guys, but they tolerated it very well:


The women among us enjoyed it a bit more:


And now for our final chapter: sister love. These girls, Valerie and Annabella, fight like crazy feral dogs sometimes. Other times they cuddle and pet each other and complain about me while lounging in Bella’s bed. I have always wanted a sister. It wasn’t in the cards. Instead I have a brother who I haven’t seen in five years. I wonder, does he still exist? Rob, if you’re reading this, come visit us. Anyway, it is my great privilege to be the mother to these two wonderful girls. I hope and pray they always love each other this much:


Peace on Earth, everyone.

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