Abby Normal


In the past two weeks, at least one person in our family has:
  • lost a tooth
  • had a seizure
  • had the swine flu
  • had Strep throat
  • built a model log cabin using twigs and a glue gun
  • missed a week of work
  • sobbed uncontrollably
  • watched Young Frankenstein
  • celebrated Halloween

It’s been an eventful 14 days. I’m ready for things to get back to normal. Like tonight, neither girl was sick (knock wood!), and after the whole trick-or-treating/candy gorging extravaganza, they got into their pjs, brushed their teeth (twice!), did the whole before-bed routine, and read some books. Now they’re asleep. I can do whatever I want, which is how it’s supposed to be after 8 p.m. around here. No late-night thermometer readings/Motrin dosings. I’m so over that. After this week in particular, I’m really ready for normalcy.

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