Deadly Rash and Other Fun Stuff

My kid’s neuro commended me for noticing these extremely subtle seizures that Bella has been having. Yes, they are absence seizures, which are typical for her type of epilepsy–primary generalized. With her form of epilepsy, you typically see 3 types of seizures: myoclonic, grand mal, and absence. And now we’ve seen all three! Yay! 😦

Her drug, Keppra, is good on the first two but not really on the absence. We are going to increase her Keppra dose in the hope that it will control these absence seizures. If it does not, we will switch to Lamictal. (This drug’s main side effect? A deadly rash. But H did say that she has never had a patient die on that drug because she starts off so slow and keeps such a good eye on it. I guess that’s good.)

At the end, I asked her if it looked like she might outgrow epilepsy. She said from the looks of the EEG that no, not any time soon. In fact, apparently Bella has so much seizure activity that it’s amazing we don’t see more seizures. She might not outgrow this until she is a teenager. I wasn’t expecting to hear that–and it’s upsetting. I just need one day of getting myself together and then I think I’ll be fine.

On the upside, Dr. H was very nice and helpful and kind. That’s a switch.

I like this guy’s blog post.

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